Serverskine helps you keep all servers, domains and hosting accounts in one place. This repository for all your web development related accounts offers an accessible interface and simple tools.

Adding a new account, such as a sever is very easy to do. Serverskine also features buttons to directly connect to your servers and domains online. By opening up a side window you can view and edit account details such as passwords and usernames. Serverskine lets you add an unlimited number of entries, which you should find easily thanks to the search box.

Removing a domain, server or hosting account in Serverskine is as simple as selecting the undesired element and pressing the minus button.

Even though Serverskine is fairly easy to use, it clearly lacks a help file for new users. When I tried opening it from the menu bar, all that appeared was a message saying the help file did not exist.

Serverskine is simple storage for your domains, servers and hosting accounts.

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Serverskine 1.0.5

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